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Mark Milovats is a world-class entertainer... an accomplished singer, recording artist, stage, television and radio performer, speaker, and showman. He began his career as a pop standards adult contemporary artist, opening for Como, Sinatra, Humperdink, and Manilow on his way to headlining all across the USA and abroad, from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and from Florida to Europe.

His live shows have spanned from Viva Las Vegas to his long-running Christmas Wonderland Show. His syndicated television Christmas Specials have been aired every year for the past 4 years on ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW, RFD-TV, The Family Channel, Right Now TV, and hundreds of digital channels, as well as in 70 Countries around the world seen by over 150 million people. A brand new one for 2024 will be airing this year. 

Mark has voiced, written, and appeared in many radio and television commercials for various corporate brands. He brings a brand new perspective and flawless image to all the brands he represents, garnering them a 4-1 return on investment. 
He has also been the Master of Ceremonies for countless events in aviation, entertainment, casinos, real estate, the hotel industry, and more. 

His rich and powerful baritone voice has been compared to many of the greats and earned him the Best Holiday Independent Record of the Year award for his version of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” in 2022.

Mark has taken standards like My Way, Sweet Caroline, America, After the Lovin’, Quando Quando, Sway, and many others and gives them new life without straying too far from the originals. Mark’s Christmas and Variety Concerts are a mix of great music, dancing, comedy, and fabulous musicians.

Mark is also the executive producer of all of his stage, television, and radio shows. His ability to create and design entertaining productions on all platforms is second to none, with amazing results. 

Mark has appeared on television, radio, and in print campaigns. He also has been the MC for beauty pageants like Miss Indiana, corporate awards shows, and many more. Mark has performed with country music legends like Boots Randolph (“Yakity Sax” ... “Benny Hill”) and Rascal Flatts and has opened for Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdink, Barry Manilow, Perry Como, as well as having numerous leading roles in Musicals.

Mark has been a repeat performer for Arnold Palmer and many other celebrities. He was the creator and producer of 7 Sold Out holiday shows to raise monies for the Children's Miracle Network and other Children's Hospitals. 

WISH-FM's Chris Shovlin has called Mark the “King of Christmas.” 
US AIRWAYS / America West Airlines have used Mark's newest song, “You Got Me Thinkin',” in one of their recent radio campaigns. USA3000 airlines has been featuring two of Mark's songs on their in-flight music stations. He has been featured for the past seven years on the NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade and is a producer's dream.

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