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Mark Milovats' CD MUSIC


"Just in Time for Christmas"

Are you Looking for a wonderful Christmas album to celebrate the holiday season? Well here is the perfect album for this special time of the year. Mark sings many of the classic Christmas tunes unlike any other singer. You will listen to his holiday songs over and over while spending this special time of the year celebrating with friends and family. This album will bring back many of your past happy memories of Christmas and help to create new ones too. 

"Somethin's Goin' On"

When singer, entertainer Mark Milovats launched his search for new material for his third national release, he never dreamed it would take him to Nashville and 80's star Greg Guidry. The result, a brand new CD released in June of 2005, with selections ranging from burning love songs with a country flair to a hauntingly beautiful tribute to America's soldiers entitled “Fallen Heroes.” Mark teamed up with Nashville legend Boots Randolph, Pittsburgh favorites Corbin/Hanner, and the late great Greg Guidry in this production. You'll enjoy six original songs on this CD including four classics from the Billboard Top 10.

Here you'll find Mark singing the past classics from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, and many other great singers. His unique sound will have you relaxing as you are enjoying these classic tunes. Nobody sounds like Mark and you will be reminiscing of the past great songs which one has a hard time finding today on the radio.

This album is a wonderful tribute to the many past wonderful singers who have enriched all our lives with their beautiful voices and lyrics.

I've Gotta Be Me...

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